6X Fast Development with AWS WarpSpeed

6X Fast Development with AWS WarpSpeed

21st-century businesses need to rely on a number of solutions. The fast development of solutions that speed things up, improve communications, and brings a better outcome is the need of the hour. All these solutions are collectively known as product accelerator services. These services include products as well as software accelerators. Extract the best of Amazon Web Services with Warpspeed by Innovation Junction.

Fast Development: Need for Speed is not just a game anymore

In the competitive online world, speed and performance are crucial- perhaps more than any other parameters. Mobile devices are already the major medium for internet usage by 2020(55%). The number is expected to rise to 73% by 2025. Google has started ranking web pages on the basis of their mobile sites. Another stat reveals that online businesses get just  50 milliseconds(0.05 seconds) to impress a visitor through their website. Combined with the global pandemic, this translates to an undeniable need for the fast development of mobile-friendly sites, particularly among B2C businesses and start-ups. And, this trend extends to all business aspects.

The Innovation Junction team creates quick precise solutions that save time, money, and other financial resources. Some processes also include automation- which reduces manpower. Extracting all the necessary information from research data, this product configuration software helps in business development- which leads to better results in the aspects of production, feedback, acceptance, and convenience. The comprehensive list of product accelerator services available at innovation Junction is broadly categorized into:

  1. AWS Warpspeed
  2. Privately & privately
  3. Blockchain- Technology 2.0

Amazon Web Services


Amazon launched AWS or Amazon Web Services first in 2006. The services were initially aimed to assist start-ups in setting their own business. The target was simple- create a better holistic experience for any start-up looking to  For a start-up, the initial challenges are complex. Primary tasks include:

  1. Recruit skilled people for production, operation, and maintenance.
  2. Expanding and promoting the business worldwide.
  3. Improving User Experience and earning customer’s trust.
  4. Looking out avenues for innovation.
  5. Scale, store and secure business data.

AWS List Of Services


Over the years, Amazon has become the largest SaaS provider all over the world. Starting with the Amazon Simple Queue Service(SQS), the AWS has dramatically increased its annual R&D budget(approximately $13B at present)- a reflection of its long-term commitment to providing unmatched customer experience, innovation, and overall excellence. Latest innovations are introduced gradually for further adjustments as per feedback. Presently, AWS offers over 160 cloud-computing and web services, including: 

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Analytics and Data lakes
  3. IoT 
  4. Serverless Computing
  5. Enterprise Applications
  6. Storage
  7. Windows Workloads  
  8. Containers

AWS’s Pricing Policy


Amazon’s unique pay-as-you-go pricing policy is key to its popularity as a cloud computing service provider. The distribution of IT-based resources through the internet as per the customer’s requirement is known as cloud computing. Amazon offers services to its clients in a strict pay-what-you-use fashion. No additional hidden costs, termination charges, long-term contracts, or licensing.

Yes, there are extra savings for committing for a 1-year or 3-year period. This is particularly true for the AWS Compute and AWS Machine-Learning services. Users can purchase a specific AWS Service(Or Services) in an hourly charging system. This is where the AWS Warpspeed comes in handy.

AWS Warpspeed by Innovation Junction

A flagship product of the Innovation Junction- Warpspeed is making waves in the world of IoT. Designed to revolutionize the entire IoT environment, Warpspeed harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services to provide lightning-fast service responses. This facilitates business procedures and operations within the shortest response time. Truly Warp Speed.

Warpspeed offers client businesses maximum savings in minimum time. The company prioritizes client interest, business ethics, and integrity. As a former start-up itself, the importance of efficient management of financial resources and time is engrained in the company’s work philosophy. The question that remains- Is it beneficial to your company?

iJN keeps short pieces of code on their AWS cloud. Most of these codes are versatile- they can be reused for a large number of purposes. Highly specialized domain-specific codes also exist. The codes are executed according to the service needs of the client. 

Placing the codes in the cloud has several advantages, the most significant of them being:

  1. The entire team can work remotely.
  2. Coding is time-consuming. A lot of time is saved by avoiding redundancy.
  3. Less coding equates to lower chances of error.
  4. Time saved by avoiding code redundancy is reflected in the billing charges- Bigger savings.
  5. Efficient time management leads to the fast development and completion of client business apps and products.

Internet of Things(IoT)


IoT is an acronym for the “Internet of Things”. It is used to denote a network of sensor-embedded objects, (or “things”). In combination with software and other online technologies, the network helps in connecting with other devices, and transmission of required data. IoT does not mean high-tech industry-grade tools and gizmos. Regular household gadgets phones and mobiles are also included in this network which includes over 7 billion devices worldwide. The number is expected to reach 22 billion by 2025. 

Significance of IoT


Through the usage of low-cost computing devices(smartphones),cloud-based services, big data analysis, and mobile connectivity- IoT has evolved to become one of the most important technological advancements of the 21st century. Countless electronic appliances can be connected and operated through IoT. Devices record, monitor, and transmit each minute activity simultaneously, with minimal human presence. In short, IoT is majorly responsible for the merger and hyperconnectivity between two worlds- the physical and digital worlds.

Industrial IoT


Industrial IoT(IIoT) is used to denote the application of IoT in industries. Highly specialized SaaS applications tailored for a variety of functions in specific industrial domains exist. IIoT is widely used for machine-to-machine communication(M2M). This results in wireless automation and control. Cloud, data analysis, and machine learning can be held responsible for Industry 4.0. Automation is real and can be used to generate new business. 

Parallel Development

Parallel Development

Parallel development and fast prototyping are two techniques that are used to great effect in modern smart manufacturing and computer research domains. As the name indicates, parallel development leads to the creation of more than one variant of a product. It is popular in R&D and often leads to innovations way ahead of their time. It is not exactly efficient according to popular work management models like the AGILE, as parallel development can disrupt productivity in a mass manufacturing unit. Parallel Development can be further sub-divided into 3 categories- 

  1. Parallel Concurrent Development

This occurs when developers analyze their functioning variants of the same target object. In most cases, the developers work and code different parts of the object. After completion, the total cumulative work must merge and function flawlessly.

  1. Parallel Platform Development

Parallel platform development refers to the parallel working on the same product(say software, game, or app) and releasing it for different hardware platforms or variants. The end results are mostly similar, but a work-merger does not occur. For example, different versions of an application for Windows, Android, iOS, and UNIX.

  1. Parallel Release Development

In certain cases, a company may require to release multiple releases of its product. The process involved is known as parallel release development.

Fast prototyping


Fast prototyping or rapid prototyping is a fabrication process. A physical model or assembly is rapidly produced with the aid of 3D-CAD. Computer-aided designs are brought to life through 3D printing. It is an additive manufacturing process and can be used to deliver products with highly accurate dimensions. 

There are two types of dast prototyping- High Fidelity and Low Fidelity prototypes. The difference lies in the detail and similarity of the finished product with the initial product design. As the names suggest, high-fidelity prototypes are almost identical to the original design.

There are different types of rapid prototyping procedures. The process is finalized depending upon the nature of the work. Conventional types of prototyping processes include:

  1. Stereolithography(SLA) or Vat Photopolymerization.
  2. Selective LASR Sintering(SLS).
  3. Fused Deposition Modelling(FDM) or Material Jetting
  4. Selective LASER Melting(SLM) or Powder Bed Fusion.
  5. Laminated Object Manufacturing(LOM) or Sheet Lamination
  6. Digital Light Processing(DLP)
  7. Binder Jetting

Each prototype process is time-sensitive and requires high-tech machinery, tools, and applications. The end-products on the other hand are created using fast development processes, leaving little scope of error.

Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development


A newly-developed programming language, Rush prioritize performance speed, parallelism, and system memory safety. It is an open-source project backed by Mozilla and a group of volunteer programmers, developers, and coders. Built from ground zero, Rust incorporates successful elements from preceding languages and creates a unique amalgam between high-level and low-level languages. 

The Rust environment features expressive and intuitive syntaxes, as well as high-tune control and power. Combining power with ergonomic, Rust allows programmers to write ambitious codes super fast and super-precise with little worry time. Other advantages of Rush include prevention of segmentation faults, protection of thread safety, aversion of bugs, and security exploits. Other additional features of the Rush interface include:

  1. Zero Cost Abstractions
  2. Safe Memory Management
  3. Fearless Concurrency.

The Story of Innovation Junction

ijn revised@3x - reduced

The true difference can only be made with the implementation of Innovation.

Prioritizing innovation as their USP, the passionate Innovation Junction team consists of professionals with expertise in diverse work backgrounds. They combine their collective expertise and enable client businesses to grow and stand out in the competition. With positive inputs, clients get the right environment for prosperity. Innovation Junction offers a host of services including Business Consultancy Services, IT Consultancy Services, and product accelerator programs. 

The company aims to augment traditional business growth with the benefits of technology and digitization. Using this approach, clients are thrilled to observe scalable growth models. Innovation Junction takes pride in its highly efficient work team. After all, a team is responsible for transforming a potential success plan into a real-life winner. Building upon these foundations, the company has been able to achieve huge milestones for its clients in different sectors. Adapting necessary changes, the company assists their clientele business to rise up as market leaders. With the latest technological advancements, it is easy to develop a winning vision which in execution results in high outcomes and returns.  

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

We hope the above article was informative. Exponential developments in technology-related fields have already transformed a significant portion of modern businesses and industries all over the world. The fast development of solutions is now no longer a distant dream. Innovation junction provides a host of these services, at the best competitive market fees.

Have a problem that requires a quick solution? We are happy to help. Contact us here at [email protected] for customized business services and/or estimates.