Why Business Intelligence is Important?


Why Business Intelligence is Important? We keep on hearing words such as business intelligence. Or business intelligence analyst in our day-to-day life. But, most of the time the meaning behind these words remains blurry. In today’s article, we will talk about what business intelligence is. And why Business Intelligence is important?  What is business intelligence? […]

Technology Merger Integration


In this article, we will read about the basics of technology merger integration. Then we have all the upcoming mergers and acquisition components. Moving on to we will read about whether one should even choose technology merger integration as a strategy, and of course a structured plan on how to execute it. Keep reading, because […]

Innovation helps in force-multiplying digital assets creation

digital assets-

With the globe gradually shifting into a virtual platform. Digital assets are the next-gen kinds of stuff to invest and focus on. For a long, we have been obsessed with assets on the physical level. It is time that we consider developing our digital assets as well. But, what are digital assets? To understand this […]

Empathy in IT Negotiation

Empathy in IT Negotiation

The word ‘empathy‘ frequently gets mistaken with the word ‘sympathy’. Empathy is a brilliant tactic that is used when it comes to negotiating business or making deals in the world of IT. Successful negotiators know the power of empathy and how to use it because negotiation can make a significant difference in their meetings and […]

IT as a Company Value Multiplier

IT as a Company Value Multiplier Company value is said to be the determination of the economic value of the entire company or a specific branch. Company value needs to be determined due to various reasons such as during taxation cases, selling or acquisition, partnership claims, or divorce cases. Value multipliers are used to display […]