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What is Power BI? 7 reasons to use Microsoft Power BI

One of the most useful implementations of AI and data science lies in the field of Business Analytics. There is stiff competition among major software corporations for the development of software that aids in analyzing the performance aspect of a business. With Power BI, Microsoft has successfully managed to deliver a product that excels with interactive key metric dashboards and reports that join the dots between connecting workload datasets. So, let’s go deeper into what is power bi exactly:

What Is Power BI

For the uninitiated, it is important to clearly understand what Power BI is and its uses. To make things simpler, let us first start with the basics. Microsoft Power Bi is a powerful business tool that finds uses in business analytics. It interacts with business data after collating it through seemingly unconnected sources and churns out useful information. Businesses can thereafter make smart data-centric decisions with its help. It is a BI (Business Intelligence) platform and functions with the help of cloud technology. 

BI Report

BI Report

BI Report is the main attribute that draws businesses towards Power BI. Combined with years of Microsoft’s research and product experience, the application never ceases to excel in providing valuable business insight. It is one of the dominant business empowerment tools in the market and has been consistent in its market-leading position for a number of years. With customizable visual options, data modelling, dynamic design features, data consolidation from loads of cloud-based sources, the BI Report tool is what you need. It will ensure your business thrives in the present cut-throat competitive business world.  

What Is it Used For?

As its name suggests, it is used for Business Intelligence- generating key data-driven reports that help in better decision-making for businesses. It is a cost-effective solution (for single-users it is actually free), and easily integrates with spreadsheets. New users can rejoice in the fact that there are no coding requirements, along with intuitive Q&A options with just a simple double-click- that too in natural languages. Without further ado, let us look into 7 genuine reasons behind the popularity of Microsoft Power BI. 

Reports: Advantages of Power BI

1. It Is Easy To Consolidate Data With Power BI

The PowerBI utility tool makes it very easy to collect and place all the relevant business data together in one place. It offers users options of greater accessibility, arrangement, and visualization of data reports and sources as well.

Power Bi currently provides connectivity options for businesses to extract data from more than 70 out-of-the-box options, including Azure, DropBox, Google Analytics, Onedrive, SalesForce, and more. It also provides options for the incorporation of data from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and SQL databases. The drag and drop feature also eliminates the requirements of coding or copying any item at the beginning. With support for multiple file types, power BI allows business enterprises to merge data from multiple locations into one comprehensive report.

2. Huge Customized Visualization Options 

Visualization Options. what is power bi

Customization is a key feature of any Business Intelligence app. And, a variety of custom visualization options are available on Power BI. One can use custom visualizations for specific functions in addition to the general ones. Various custom visualizations are available for enterprise use in business reports. The dashboards consist of multiple options including KPIs, charts, maps, graphs, R script visuals, etc. 

As an extra, one can also use (in-house) free customization created by developers. Custom visuals help businesses to project their story in a better light. Power BI has dynamic special features like decision trees, heatmaps, and correlation plots. The customized use of visuals has its own touch. It can help frame your company’s narrative in your own way. For anyone wondering what is power bi and why should one use it, well it becomes easy like anything to understand the what and why here.

3. Extended Features With Excel Connectivity

Power BI also provides the option of uploading Excel sheets. Enterprises can easily either select, filter, or slice data in their report and record it in professional spreadsheet documents. Advanced Excel users use this feature to dig deeper into research data. Available data analysis tools inside the application include clustering, forecasting, grouping, and quick measures. There is also a service called the self-service power query tool in excel which helps the users to ingest, transform, integrate and enrich their data in the Power BI app.

In addition to this, it also saves time for the user in exporting files. Simply click ‘Analyze in Excel’ and it will open the interface.

4. Functional Q&A Feature

Power BI app includes a natural language search option. It allows a user to create visualizations and search them by using plain English. The Q&A feature of the app empowers users with more insights. Click on the “Ask a Question” box to search for specific questions. 

Power BI has user-friendly features within the Q&A. It automatically shows meaningful questions and suggestions the moment you start typing. It also contains a voice recognition system. The Q&A feature of the app is very intuitive and works flawlessly along with the continuous updates from Microsoft. 

5. Economical And Effective

graphs depicting data in power BI. what is power bi

The Power BI desktop version is free of cost- making it a powerful, economical and effective business intelligence tool. Affordability is in fact one of the major reasons for its worldwide popularity. You can download the application and start working on your reports on your desktop. 

The cloud services on the app charge $9.99. For single users it’s free; it allows users to create reports and dashboards from simple to complex format. The Microsoft Power BI version @$9.99 comes with a 60-day free trial. It allows us to embed visuals into the app and helps to integrate with other Microsoft apps. You can share data and reports and create workspaces. It also gives you the option of customized price options for bigger organizations.

6. Powerful ‘Pivot Data Modeling Engine’

The Power BI app is powered by the powerful ‘Pivot data modelling engine’. This modelling engine of the app is known for its efficiency and its capability to compress data in an efficient manner. It has a performant columnar database and utilizes tabular DB technologies to shrink large databases. 

This large-scale data compression ensures the best performance of Power BI. A Power Bi Workbook file (with the . PBIX extension) can store databases measuring over 1 GB size within 50MB to 200MB.

Also, you do not need to be a coder to run the application. Any layperson can easily use the application with simple button clicks. This makes this application a useful tool in multiple work environments- be it a corporate workplace, or a potential start-up. It is powerful and can deal with tables exceeding 100 million records. 

7. User-Friendly Interface With Powerful Advanced Features

reports on a laptop

Power BI has an incredibly accessible interface making it is very easy to learn for novices or beginners. Most of the work can be done through mouse clicks. Even programming is not a mandatory requirement. 

Power BI has further advanced enterprise integration features including the powerful PowerApps. The app analyses updated data from the main application in real-time and convert them into usable live data insights for businesses. It is compatible with most devices and OS platforms- making it a very popular insight-sharing choice among businessmen. With free features, native integration, simple tap for deep analysis features- it’s no wonder this application is cited as a market leader in data analytics software in the prestigious Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI- for several years running. 

Power BI App

Power BI is a technology-driven business tool. The primary function of the tool is to analyze raw data and present it in the form of insights with actionable information. It combines multiple features using business intelligence- reports and dashboards, cleaning data, data modelling, and more. The Microsoft application supports large-scale integration and runs smoothly on most devices and OS- Android, iOS, and Windows.

Final Thoughts

Power BI is a must-have BI tool in the modern business era. With exceptional integration with Excel, interactive UI/UX features, and data extraction abilities- its insight helps business enterprises choose the decisive course of action. Popular in the market, there is a high demand for Power BI experts these days. With the help of the PowerApps integration, it also helps in viewing and sharing insights throughout an organization, even without the main application. The Microsoft software is almost unrivalled in data consolidation, and can successfully extract data from more than 99 resources to deliver smart decision-based insights- including cloud-based options like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Analytics, or offline options like SQL, Excel, and more. Hope you had your questions answered today as to what is Power BI and why should you use it.

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