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Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI: Key characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Power BI is an analytics and visualization product slowly taking over the world of business intelligence. Businesses are adopting it rapidly, and the adoption rate will only increase with the release of the native mobile app. However, like any other product, Power BI has its upsides and downsides that keep many businesses wary of adopting it. This blog will look at both the sides of Power BI and how we can employ or overcome them.

Table of content:

  1. Concept of Power BI 
  2. Importance of Power BI for business houses 
  3. Characteristics of Power BI 
  4. Upsides of Power BI 
  5. Downsides of Power BI 

Concept of Power BI 

Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence service enabling users to visualize and analyze data faster, efficiently, and more effectively. With Power BI, businesses can gain insights from their data to make better-informed decisions and drive business growth. Power BI is a powerful tool that can help companies save time and money and improve their decision-making processes.

Importance of Power BI for business houses 

Many business intelligence tools are available in the market, but Power BI is one of the most popular and widely used tools. Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence service that provides many features and capabilities. It helps organizations visualize and analyze data, create reports and dashboards, and share insights across the organization.

There are many reasons why business houses consider Power BI as an essential tool. First of all, it is a very user-friendly tool that anyone can use, regardless of their technical expertise. Secondly, Power BI is very affordable and offers a lot of features and functionality. Finally, Power BI is very flexible and can be used to connect to a variety of data sources, including on-premises and cloud-based data.

Characteristics of Power BI 

Characteristics of Power BI

Power BI is a fantastic tool in every analyst’s toolkit. It’s also a tool that can help any business gain an insight into their critical business figures and trends. Here are the main characteristics of Power BI that make it such an effective analytical tool:

Visualization methodologies addition

Power BI is a visualization tool that allows users to create and share interactive data visualizations. The tool offers a variety of visualization methodologies, including bar charts, line charts, and pie charts. Power BI also provides many features that allow users to customize their visualizations, including the ability to add annotations and comments.

Functions as an efficient data house

Power BI can help businesses to make more informed decisions. One can use it to track and analyze data from various sources, including Excel, SQL Server, and Salesforce. One can also use Power BI to create custom reports and dashboards.

Works as a data filter 

Power BI can help you quickly and easily find the information you need. It can filter data by various criteria, such as date, time, location, and more. You can also use Power BI to create custom filters to narrow your search further. This helps in providing a very qualified result to the target audience.

Customization makes it more useful 

The customization capabilities of Power BI make it a potent tool. Businesses can use it to create customized reports and dashboards. They can also use it to create custom data visualizations. This makes Power BI a tool one can use to meet the specific needs of any business. Another important feature of Power BI is its ability to connect to many data sources. This includes data sources such as databases, spreadsheets, and text files. Power BI can also connect to cloud-based data sources. This makes it a potent tool for businesses that need to analyze data from multiple sources.

Flexibility of dashboard tiles 

Power BI offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to dashboard tiles. You can easily rearrange tiles and customize them to suit your needs, making it a very versatile tool. Power BI also allows you to drill down into data for more detailed insights, which can be extremely helpful in making correct and potent business decisions.

Location pane increases convenience 

The Location pane in Power BI is a great convenience for users as it allows them to see all the available data sources in one place. This is especially useful when working with large data sets or connecting to multiple data sources. The Location pane also provides quick access to recently used data sources, making it easy to find and reuse data.

Formation of reports 

The reports in Power BI are based on data from different data sources. The data sources can be relational databases, cubes, or even spreadsheets. The reports are created using the Power BI Designer, a drag-and-drop interface. Once the reports are created, they can be published to the Power BI service, where they can be viewed and interacted with by users.

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It offers a variety of features and capabilities, including the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, collaborate with others, and access data from various sources. As a result, power BI is a powerful tool that can help organizations improve their operations.

Upsides of Power BI 

Upsides of Power BI

Power BI is a fantastic tool, but learning how to use it can be challenging. There is no one path to learning Power BI, but there are some features that can help guide you through it. The pointers ahead take a look at these features:

Custom visualizations 

There are many upsides to using Power BI, including the ability to create custom visualizations. This feature allows you to tailor your visualizations to your specific needs, making your data analysis more efficient and effective. In addition, custom visualizations can help you understand your data better and make complex data sets more accessible to deliver effective results.

Cost efficiency 

Power BI is a very affordable solution compared to other business intelligence tools on the market. It also has a short learning curve, so you can get it up and running quickly and easily. Power BI is also a very scalable solution to grow in its service arc along with your business.

Data analysis 

There are many upsides to using Power BI for data analysis:

  1. Power BI is a very user-friendly tool that makes it easy to connect to data sources, create reports, and visualize data.
  2. Power BI offers a variety of features that make it ideal for data analysis, including the ability to create custom reports, filter and drill down into data and create interactive visualizations.
  3. Power BI is a very affordable tool, making it an excellent option for small businesses and startups.


First, Power BI is a very user-friendly tool that makes it easy to connect to data sources and perform data transformations. Second, Power BI offers a wide range of built-in data connectors that make it easy to connect to popular data sources. Third, Power BI can perform complex data transformations, making it an ideal tool for data integration. Finally, Power BI is a very scalable tool, making it easy to connect to large data sets.

Swift and timely response 

Power BI is designed to be highly responsive, so you can get the information you need when you need it. This can be a lifesaver when trying to make decisions in a fast-paced environment.

Easier accessibility of data

This is a huge advantage for businesses that rely on data to make decisions. Power BI can help you connect to data sources, clean and transform data, and then visualize it in ways that are easy to understand. This can give you a clear picture of what is happening in your business and help you make better decisions.

Personal gateway 

This allows users to access their data from anywhere, at any time. The personal gateway also provides a secure connection to on-premises data sources, so users can be confident that their data is safe and secure. In addition, the personal gateway allows users to refresh their data on a schedule, so they always have the most up-to-date information.

Downsides of Power BI 

Downsides of Power BI

Power BI is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, it’s so powerful that it can be hard to master. This blog will look at some of the challenges people run into when using Power BI.

Tabular format 

First, it cannot be easy to read large amounts of data in a tabular format. Second, finding specific data points in a large table can be challenging. Third, tabular data can be difficult to interpret, especially if it is complex or contains a lot of data. Finally, Power BI tables can be slow to refresh, especially if they are large or complex.

Configuration is difficult 

There are a few downsides to using Power BI, one of which is that configuration can be complex. While Power BI is a potent tool, it can be challenging to configure it correctly to get the most out of it. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the tool or have a complex data set. 

Bulky interface 

Power BI has many features and functionality, making the interface seem bulky and overwhelming. Finding the specific tools and options you need can be challenging, and the learning curve can be steep if you are not too analytically inclined. Additionally, Power BI can be slow and resource-intensive, mainly when dealing with large data sets.

Rigid formulas 

Rigid formulas can make it challenging to work with data that is not formatted in a specific way, leading to errors. Additionally, Power BI can be slow to load and refresh data, which can be frustrating when trying to work with large data sets.

Hard to contemplate 

There are a few downsides to using Power BI:

  1. It can be pretty hard to contemplate the data that is being presented. Power BI is designed to deliver information visually, but sometimes this can make understanding what is going on challenging.
  2. Power BI can be quite resource-intensive, so it is not always the best option for smaller businesses or organizations.
  3. Power BI is a relatively new product, so there can be a bit of a learning curve to get the most out of it.

Large volume hold is troublesome 

Power BI can struggle to handle large volumes of data. This is particularly troublesome for businesses with a lot of data to work with regularly. While Power BI is designed to be scalable, it limits how much data it can effectively handle. This can lead to slow performance and errors when working with large data sets. Additionally, Power BI is a relatively new platform, so there can be some stability issues. These stability issues can be compounded when working with large volumes of data.

Final words

Power BI is a dream come true for anyone tasked with reporting, analyzing, or visualizing data. The product has made life so much easier than it was before. Power BI has taken a significant responsibility away from Data Analysts and added a new scope of analysis to the business dynamics.  

The 10 Best Tableau Data Visualization To Follow

You must be looking for the best tableau data visualization to follow since you are reading this article. Before we dive into the world of Tableau data visualization, it is for the best we got to know what tableau data visualization means and more about it. 

What is Tableau?

What is a tableau? It is quite a common question. Well, the tableau is nothing but a simple data visualization tool. That is very commonly used for business intelligence or BI. Though, tableaus are not limited to it only. Tableau helps in creating beautiful interactive charts and graphs in the form of worksheets as well as dashboards. That helps in gaining business insights. The fun bit is that you can do this with simple gestures such as a drag and drop! Isn’t that amazing.

What Is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization

Since we talked about data visualization in the above paragraph, we should know what it means. So, what is data visualization? Data visualization is simply a graphical representation of data as well as information. The common data visualization tools are visual elements such as graphs, charts, maps, etc. Data visualization tools give an easy and convenient way to see and interpret trends, outliers, and models in data.

What are data visualization tools? 

A data visualization tool is an instrument that is a type of programming that is intended to picture information. Each instrument’s capacities fluctuate. However, at their generally essential, they permit you to enter a dataset and outwardly control it. Most, however not all, accompany work in formats you can use to create essential representations.

What Products does Tableau offer?

Key features offered by different tableaus:

  1. Tableau Desktop: Helps you in creating dashboards and other stories locally.
  2. Tableau Public: A huge non-commercial tableau server.
  3. Tableau Online: Making dashboards and stories meant for clouds.
  4. Tableau Server: Connects it to a data server as well as sources and shares dashboards.
  5. Tableau Reader: Last but not the least it views the dashboards as well as sheets locally.

The basic things you need to know before using a Tableau?

Here’s a fun and good news for you. You actually do not need to learn anything new. Or acquire a whole new set of knowledge before you decide to use a tableau. All you need is basic knowledge and information of all the kinds of graphs such as bar graphs, line charts, histograms, etc just to be on the safe side.

Alongside that, it will be useful on the off chance that you had some fundamental comprehension of database administration ( data types, joins, drill down, drill up, and so on ) as well.   

Important functionalities of the tableau


Tableau is not only about the basic graphs and diagrams. It is even more fun than that! Here is a list of other functionalities of the tableau that people tend to miss out on. We do not want you to be that person, so only for you! 


Till now we have just simplified bars or charts. That gives aggregate information, which is joined information over the lifetime of the Superstore. Now if one wished to take a gander at the sales of a specific year, month. Maybe have a specific product or to simply see or have some information and at the same time have some ideas of the data. Then filters are your final answer.

Drill up and drill down:

Last but not least is the drill up and drill down technique or method. You want to know about every single detail of the data available. Even want an absolute breakdown to get to the debt. This method is referred to as the drill up and drills down method. It’s very effective for companies. 

The 10 Best Tableau Data Visualization To Follow.

I think it has been enough talking about tableau, what is data visualization, or data visualization tools for that matter. It is time we move to the more exciting half of this article! So, what is in store for you guys in this much-anticipated section? Here we are going to talk about the ten best tableau data visualizations to follow!

Tableau is positioned to be among the leaders along with Microsoft Power BI in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Bi and Analytics platform. Trust us when we say there is more to it! Without further ado, here are the ten best tableau data visualizations to follow.

Account Management 360 View Dashboard:

Are you a salesman? If yes, this might just be your brand new saviour. This is on the grounds that information assists you with making a guide of each progression you have made or are yet to do, so you can forestall slips up in your collaborations with customers.

Quarterly Forecast Dashboard:

The Quarterly Forecast dashboard is utilized by deals investigators to make quarterly estimates for deals associations to contrast with their year on year development. This dashboard allows you to see your business from various points, which will empower you to see more freedoms, your business pipelines, and the impact an arrangement will have on your business, so you will realize what arrangements to make and the ones to run further.

 Sales Growth Dashboard:


This innovative sales growth dashboard allows you to measure your sales team’s achievement as well as performance and how much revenue can be boosted within a particular time frame.

Sales Territory Assignment:

Businesses run smoothly only when each and everyone in the job has a particular role to play. Businesses must appoint leads. Or records to colleagues in the individual area. Or an industry or the size of the record. This dashboard assists you with characterizing your client portion to realize how to bunch them suitably when you need to send your methodologies.

Sales Cockpit Dashboard:

If at any time there’s a workflow process dashboard that lets your business specialists work without hopping starting with one apparatus then onto the next looking for new elements, then, at that point it’s the Sales Cockpit dashboard. The Sales Cockpit is a mix of chosen practices, information, and objectives into one single tool. With this dashboard, your salesperson will have simple admittance to drives. Clients’ experiences, as well as standard accomplishments.

Super Sample Superstore Dashboard:

This data visualization apparatus assists with directing its clients on the best way to foster better plans, strategies, and information courses of action strategies. The dashboard comes in two arrangements: graphic and prescriptive. Generally, the Superstore Sample dashboard is mostly used to examine rises and falls in deals, net revenues, delivering periods, and some more.

Social Media Dashboard:


It is a fact, everything is dependent on social media these days is it not? Yet, this information is just significant in the event that you can associate them to draw significant experiences from them. Utilizing social information is in reality extremely simple. There are preset formats that you can use to communicate your messages across a few stages. The Social Media dashboard makes the joint effort and KPIs arrangement inside inner and organization groups simple. Plus there are even more added advantages which you get to enjoy. You can share your dashboard content with colleagues and executives to keep them educated regarding your advertising endeavours. Additionally, this dashboard gives you access to how your paid social exercises are faring, so you can without much of a stretch screen your PPC and see what they yield as far as site traffic and changes.

Energy Sector Dashboard:

Tableau assists with dissecting the immense amount of information obtained from the energy and asset power area. This dashboard is utilized to screen incessant and occasional events like yields, vacations, and client assistance. With this intelligent stage, energy administrators can assist customers with bettering their imagination and identifying ideas and even enable them to get the information they need themselves.

Product Availability Dashboard:

Product Availability Dashboard

Taking a record of your stock can be interesting now and then. Any mess up and you will see that you have set some stock at some unacceptable level. This dashboard tackles that issue for you by assisting you with arranging the accessibility of your items dependent on a few perspectives like classes, providers, retailers, and so on. It is intended to give experiences on the entirety of your stock, paying little heed to their distinctive stock levels, regardless of whether coming up or on the way. This perception device offers permeability to the accessibility of items as abundances or unavailable measures. In doing so, it assists you with setting aside a huge load of cash, since extreme items will ultimately prompt spilled costs, while the absence of accessibility demonstrates lost deals potential.

Real Estate Dashboard:

With Real Estate dashboards, these house trackers and even merchants can check whether the costs of homes are rising and falling in their space of decision. This instrument can show time-sensitive posting exhibitions and vendors can even acquaint outsider investigation mixes with settle on more astute decisions.

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